The First Steps Together

Now that we have had a chat and you have seen some clothing options it will become time to narrow the selection you are going to offer to students along with your preferred brand

IE: hoodie and long sleeve tee or hoodies, long sleeve tee, CCC rugby jersey.

We can help you with these choices based on previous orders, product price points and design ideas so that you are offering enough variety without overwhelming everyone.


Artwork / logo designs

Often students like to do their own creations, especially on the backs of the hoodies which is great. Most designs transfer well into print but sometimes there can be fine details that won’t. Before offering the final designs to the students we would love to see them to ensure they will give the result you want and will work within your budget.

We can also them position onto the matching garments and provide a visual which includes the price that you can use for promotion.

Let us Send You a Visual

It’s always good to see what you are getting before you buy. That is why part of our process is to provide visuals of your school logo, year and design on your preferred garment. That way you can show all your classmates and get buy-in before the ordering process even begins.

You can send the visuals around with the order notice so everyone is clear what they are ordering. No surprises. Maximum buy-in.

Samples to Confirm Sizes

Our leavers’ range is made up on quality garments. But there is nothing like seeing and feeling the quality for yourself. We stand behind our garments, that is why we will send you samples free of charge. Use these samples to try on to confirm everyone’s sizing. Then we will arrange collection of the samples at our cost.

Clothing Logo & Design Tips


If you are designing an image for your clothing then you need to think about how is it being applied to the clothing – as depending on the application technic, the reproduction levels vary, along with the cost per colour.

Is the design being used on different coloured garments? If yes, then check you like the look against different backgrounds. It might be that you need to add a surround to finish the design against some colours.



To ensure your design can be used in the future, not just for clothing, but even for posters, books, signage even vehicle wraps it is best to create the file in a vector format right at the start. Vector format files can be scaled to any size without the need to be redrawn which makes them a great futureproofed format. These will be created using programmes such as Illustrator or CorelDraw and be supplied as .eps / .ai / .pdf / .svg to us.

The design should be created to scale (the size you wish it be be produced at) so everyone knows what to expect.

Please note that bringing a photoshop file into a vector programme such as Illustrator does not change it into a vector file. If you are creating something in Photoshop please check with us that it will be suitable for your chosen clothing embellishment.

Placing Your Order

Now that everyone has placed their orders with you (and paid you for them) you are just a few simple steps away from the finish line.

For each item we require the final quantity required along with the size breakdown.

If you are having any personalised names any clothing we will require a list of those names along with the corresponding clothing size it is going on. The same applies if you are having all the students names inside a shape, such as “19” on any garments.


Final Confirmation and Payment

We will process your order and send you one final proof to check, including any personalised names, or full student name designs.

At this stage also an invoice will be issued for the 50% deposit to be paid. Once this is received and proofs approved we will get the orders underway and we will get you to return any clothing samples back to us.


Delivery and Final Payment

When the orders are all completed we will let you know so you can prepare for the delivery and keep everything safe until you are ready to hand them out. The final invoice will also be issued at this stage for the remaining 50% of the order value which needs to be paid prior to delivery unless previously arranged with us.

Collecting Orders and Payments

We will provide you with a spreadsheet that many students find helpful for tracking the orders as they come in. As you receive orders from your class members it is best to ensure you receive the money also, so you do not have to spend time later chasing people up.

Leavers Gear Request Form

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