The first steps together

Now that we have had a chat and you have seen some clothing options it will become time to narrow the selection you are going to offer to students along with your preferred brand

IE: hoodie and long sleeve tee or hoodies, long sleeve tee, CCC rugby jersey.

We can help you with these choices based on previous orders, product price points and design ideas so that you are offering enough variety without overwhelming everyone.


Artwork / logo designs

Often students like to do their own creations, especially on the backs of the hoodies which is great. Most designs transfer well into print but sometimes there can be fine details that won’t. Before offering the final designs to the students we would love to see them to ensure they will give the result you want and will work within your budget.

We can also them position onto the matching garments and provide a visual which includes the price that you can use for promotion.


Collecting Orders and Payments

We will provide you with a spreadsheet that many students find helpful for tracking the orders as they come in. As you receive orders from your class members it is best to ensure you receive the money also, so you do not have to spend time later chasing people up.



Use our online form and our team will get back to you as soon as we can.